Information on Field-Rose

Common Name: Field-Rose
Scientific Name: Rosa arvensis
Irish Name: Rós Léana
Family Group: Rosaceae
Distribution: View Map (Courtesy of the BSBI)
Flowering Period

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Field-Rose is not easily confused with other wild plants on this web site.

Clump-forming hedgerow and scrubland shrub, this snow-white flowered rose has trailing, purplish stems and small numbers of curved thorns (see inset photograph below). In June and July it has 5-petalled, always white flowers (3-5cm), the startlingly yellow styles are united to form a column at least as long as the stamens in clusters of up to 6. It has 5-7 oval hairless leaflets. In autumn the attractive scarlet hips are round to ovoid. This is a native plant belonging to the family Rosaceae.  

I first identified this rambling among the roadside hedgerow in July 2007 in Tullycanna, Co Wexford when these photographs were taken.   

If you are satisfied you have correctly identified this plant, please submit your sighting to the National Biodiversity Data Centre

'Go, lovely rose!
Tell her, that wastes her time and me,
That now she knows,
When I resemble her to thee,
How sweet and fair she seems to be.'

   Edmund Waller       1606-1687.