Meadow-rue, Common

Information on Common Meadow-rue

Common Name: Common Meadow-rue
Scientific Name: Thalictrum flavum
Irish Name: Rú léana
Family Group: Ranunculaceae
Distribution: View Map (Courtesy of the BSBI)
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Common Meadow-rue could sometimes be confused with:

Meadow-rue Lesser,

Common Meadow-rue is a plant species that grows up to 150cm tall, beside streams, in damp meadows and in hedgerows, usually on alkaline soil. It is almost hairless and bears dense, frothy clusters of small, scented flowers that have no petals but have 4-5 narrow, cream sepals and erect, abundant, long stamens. These stamens have creamy filaments and yellow anthers. The leaves are divided into many wedge-shaped leaflets, much longer than wide, with a 3-4 lobed tip. The upper leaves are without stalks. This is a perennial plant that grows from  shoots emerging from rhizomes, and it flowers during July and August. It seeds are 1.5-2.5mm long and have 6 ribs. It is not very widespread in Ireland, being mainly found in a band from Limerick up to County Cavan, it is a native species and belongs to the Buttercup or Ranunculaceae family.

I came across this plant species in July 2019 in the Cahir valley of County Clare and photographed it at the time.

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Meadow-rue, Common
Meadow-rue, Common
Meadow-rue, Common
Meadow-rue, Common