Information on Charlock

Common Name: Charlock
Scientific Name: Sinapis arvensis
Irish Name: Praiseach bhuí
Family Group: Brassicaceae
Distribution: View Map (Courtesy of the BSBI)
Flowering Period

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Charlock could sometimes be confused with:

Mustard, White, Rape,

Charlock is an annual plant which grows on waste and arable ground and is found commonly throughout Ireland. It gros to a height of 150cm and bears dense, terminal clusters of flowers. These have 4 unnotched petals and sepals which are often down-turned. These racemes are borne on bristly, often dark red or purple stems.  The lower leaves are stalked with a large terminal lobe and the few small upper leaves are unlobed. The seeds are in short cylindrical pods and have prominent beaks. This plant belongs to the Cabbage family. 


I first found this plant at Cullenstown, Co Wexford in 2010 and photographed it near Hooh Head in the same county in 2012. 

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