Information on Sheep's-bit

Common Name: Sheep's-bit
Scientific Name: Jasione montana
Irish Name: Duán na gcaorach
Family Group: Campanulaceae
Distribution: View Map (Courtesy of the BSBI)
Flowering Period

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Sheep's-bit could sometimes be confused with:

Scabious, Devil's-Bit,

Also known as Sheep's-bit Scabious, the books say this is a rather variable plant and can easily be mistaken for a composite or a scabious, but the florets have a 5-toothed calyx and not a pappus.  Also the anthers in this plant do not project – unlike those of Devil's Bit Scabious.  I hope this helps.  It is a pretty little downy biennial which grows in rocky places, cliffs and heaths up to 40cm high.  It has bright blue rounded flowers aggregated in a compact head (15-25mm) which is borne on a slender stem.  Its leaves have wavy edges and are hairy, grey-green and short-stalked.  The plant is on flower from May to September.  This plant is a native and belongs to the family Campanulaceae.   

I first identified this flower in Laragh, Co Wicklow in 1976 and photographed it in Glenmalure, Co Wicklow in 2006.

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