Bedstraw, Heath

Information on Heath Bedstraw

Common Name: Heath Bedstraw
Scientific Name: Galium saxatile
Irish Name: Luibh na bhfear gonta
Family Group: Rubiaceae
Distribution: View Map (Courtesy of the BSBI)
Flowering Period

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Heath Bedstraw could sometimes be confused with:

Bedstraw, Northern, Cleavers, Marsh-bedstraw, Common,

This mat-forming prostrate, leafy perennial grows on dry, grassy and acid spoils.  It has very many tiny white four-petalled sickly smelling flowers (2-4mm) in loose panicles and its leaves are narrow with forward-pointing bristles and are in whorls of six to eight.  Flowering from June to August it then produces fruit which is covered by pointed warts. This native plant is widespread throughout Ireland and belongs to the family Rubiaceae..  

I first identified this little flower in 1976 in Laragh, Co Wicklow and photographed it in the same location in 2002. 

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Bedstraw, Heath
Bedstraw, Heath